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  • God enters the world in infinite ways. For Christians, the most important way was through a blended, non-traditional family with very imperfect ancestors.

  • We want a glimpse of the face of God, reassuring us that we are not alone, that the cycle of death and rebirth has not stalled but will continue.

  • Invasive species tend to take over and cause all kinds of problems, and there’s no species more invasive than humans. We’ve left no corner of the planet untouched.

  • ‘Discipline’ can be overused when it comes from a disciplinarian with an axe to grind. But discipline – the steady practices of disciples – can lead to wonders, too.

  • A week before Christmas, we may know the psalmist’s thirst. We may feel their loneliness. If that’s true for you, take time to drink and drink and drink in the river of God’s love.

  • Changing times always call for changing strategies, but certain things remain consistent. The thirst for the Love and Grace that regenerates the soul is immutable.

  • The Mother cries out, not in death throes but in labor pains, which are just beginning. Hopeful scripture reminds us that at every turning we can call out evildoing.

  • In each generation we face tyranny and inequality, famine and oppression. In each generation, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to do our part to knock them down.

  • My friend could have written me off, but I’m so blessed she didn’t. I’m unsure who I would be if she had only seen me for who I was and not for who I could be.

  • Advent is a season but also a way of life. As a way of life, it means trusting that God is coming even when the evidence of God’s presence and power may seem in short supply.

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