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  • Kenneth L. Samuel National Geographic reports that the world's newest religion is no religion.

  • Matt Fitzgerald In 1937 H. Richard Niebuhr wrote that in a moment of political crisis, there are four kinds of inactivity.

  • Donna Schaper I don't want to pick a fight about baptism so much as to say that the ritual itself may need a good long look.

  • Anthony Robinson I was fired up about faith moving mountains, but suddenly stopped short by "Forgive, if you have anything against anyone."

  • Richard L. Floyd When I was eighteen years old my mother died.

  • Marchaé Grair Many church folks are guilty of confusing assimilation and unity to the detriment of the people they try to welcome into churches.

  • John A. Nelson A friend said that she was ready to tackle most sorts of household repair.  

  • Bob Thompson Most days I love being a pastor.  Today's not one of them.

  • Lillian Daniel At a writing workshop at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, our teacher, Sands Hall, gave us exercises from her book, Tools of the Writers Craft.

  • Matt Laney Leadership coach Marshal Goldsmith often encounters "winning addiction" in his CEO clients.

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