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  • Mary Luti This is the only time Jesus asks the person he's healing whether his efforts are producing the desired effect.

  • Kenneth L. Samuel One Sunday, an irate woman announced to some members of our congregation that she would be leaving our church and changing her membership.

  • Jennifer Brownell "Ok, ok," I've heard said (or said myself) in more than one committee discussion about written policies or procedures,  "Can someone volunteer to work on this and bring it back next time?

  • Donna Schaper The Anthropocene age – the one now, where humans are dominant to a self-destructive degree – is forcing us to reconsider animals.

  • Tony Robinson A cruise ship passenger emerged onto the deck.

  • Richard L. Floyd The prophet Jeremiah wasn't the kind of guy you would invite to your Christmas party.

  • Donna Schaper The W-2 forms are filling up the mailboxes.

  • John A. Nelson We've heard this one, more than once.

  • Kaji Douša He was there for the inauguration, standing before him for the prayer service.

  • Lillian Daniel Have you ever noticed that the authors of gratitude books have pretty awesome lives?

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