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  • Emily C. Heath It has become quite common for some American Christians to believe they are being persecuted for their faith.

  • Tony Robinson A friend of mine did a sermon series she called "The Ten Essentials."

  • John Edgerton In my prayers, I often err on the side of praying for things that I could do myself.

  • Mary Luti I know a professor who's delightful in the classroom.

  • Marchaé Grair A minister at my childhood church used to start many of his sermons with a song called "Love Lifted Me."

  • Talitha Arnold Lazarus was dead: to begin with.

  • Kaji Douša Sometimes when I read the Psalms, I skip over the laments.

  • Quinn G. Caldwell One way that many talk about what happened in the Garden of Eden — which is to say, one way to talk about the human condition, why it's so fraught and difficult — is to say that when Adam and Eve ate the fruit, their disobedience, their sin, made death enter the world.

  • John Nelson The bold, ancient Revelation to John repeats the even more ancient vision of Ezekiel.

  • Molly Baskette I remember the first time I realized, about 32 winters in, that the trees where I lived in New England lacked foliage fully six months out of every year.

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