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  • Christina Villa As a teenager, I had a summer job in a nursing home kitchen, where my boss was Geraldine the cook, a tiny, perpetually aggrieved woman who seemed to me to be at least as old as the patients.

  • Donna SchaperIcelanders think that elves inhabit rock piles, the beautiful stacks of stone that stood in the way of a new road.  

  • Kenneth L. SamuelI know it's not a very liberal or progressive notion.

  • Talitha Arnold Tapahanso draws deeply on the Dine understanding of hozhoni, a word that means both beauty and blessing.

  • Quinn Caldwell A man plants a vineyard (aka "God creates the world").

  • Molly Baskette In Genesis chapter 1, God created humankind—companions for God, and for each other, "male and female God created them."  

  • Liza M. Neal Lately losing heart is a daily struggle.

  • Vince AmlinIn middle school, my youth group stopped at a small country church for worship one Sunday on our way back from a mission trip. 

  • Rebecca Voelkel It was Christmas morning 1987, and I was in the remote, mountainous Salvadoran village of Santa Marta as part of a small delegation of North American Christians and Jews.

  • Tony RobinsonI live in the blue-bubble of Seattle. We all hate Trump.

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