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  • Kaji Dousa I know that it has been a comfort to many to think that God has "taken" the lives of the ones they have loved and lost to death. 

  • Rachel Hackenberg In Cleveland this past winter, in the middle of February, we enjoyed a full week of spring-like temperatures in the 60s.

  • Talitha Arnold A rooster lives a few houses down from my house in Santa Fe.

  • Vince Amlin "I'm sorry. That's against our policy."

  • Christina Villa Every day on my drive to work, I used to pass a crumbling brick church with grime-covered windows and a tiny patch of dirt and weeds out front.

  • Lillian Daniel Literal thinkers drive me crazy.

  • Vicki Kemper I don't know why God would kill a man who tried to keep the ark of the covenant from falling over—or why King David would think Uzzah's death was God's doing.

  • John Edgerton Promises like these from the Psalms are grand and wonderful.

  • Emily Heath On the Monday of the week when this country reached the point of literal children being held in literal cages at the US/Mexico border (or at least became aware of it), I found myself fly fishing on a river near another border: the Canadian one.

  • Mary Luti Years ago, several Israeli contractors overseeing the construction of the separation wall were prosecuted for stealing Palestinian olive trees.

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