Social Services

The Social Services Program at Evangelical United Church of Christ is a community outreach ministry which provides services to members of the church and to individuals in the Alton-Godfrey area.  The program also provides opportunities for individuals to volunteer their time to further this mission of the church. Following is a list of outreach events and a description of volunteer opportunities: 

Outreach: Meals on Wheels – This program provides a nutritious, well-balanced noon-time meal for those individuals who cannot cook for themselves.  Meals for regular and special diets are available 5 days/week including holidays. 

Volunteer Opportunity- Drivers are needed to pick up meals from local hospitals and deliver to clients on a rotating basis. Usually drivers deliver meals for one week, and then will not deliver for 5-6 weeks. 

Outreach:  Flu Shot Clinic- Evangelical UCC, in coordination with a local Pharmacy, provides a location for individuals to receive flu and pneumonia immunizations. 

Volunteer Opportunity- Help is needed to organize the space and greet clients. 

Outreach:  Saturday Café – Lunch is provided at First Presbyterian Church in Alton to disadvantaged individuals in the community. 

Volunteer Opportunity: Help is needed to prepare the meal, serve, and clean-up every           third month, on the first Saturday of the month. 

Outreach:  Life Line Screening- Evangelical UCC provides the location for individuals to receive various health screenings. 

Volunteer Opportunity:  Help is needed to organize the space, greet and sign in clients.

Outreach to Parishioners- Transportation is provided for taking individuals to various appointments. 

Volunteer Opportunity:  Provide transportation to and from appointments.

Outreach to Parishioners- “Classic Caring Cart Ride”- On Sunday mornings, church members are picked up from their cars in the parking lot and transported to the church doors, via golf cart. Members are returned to their cars after the worship service. 

Volunteer Opportunity:  Drivers are needed starting 45 minutes before the worship service begins to transport members from the parking lot to the church doors, and after the service to return members to their cars.

For more information, contact Char Williamson, Social Services Director at 466-6077.

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