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  • Tony Robinson I've been wondering, could God's real name be "With"?

  • Donna Schaper Philosopher and political theorist Herbert Marcuse, 1898–1979, said that, in his time, we had developed an "authoritarian ritualization of discourse."

  • Kenneth L. Samuel For many persons, the final words of the celebrated twenty-third Psalm speak to the heavenly abode of an eternal resting place.

  • Mary Luti The Bible says God is "up there."

  • Richard L. Floyd The "shadow of death" is a colloquial saying in Hebrew meaning "mortal peril."

  • Tony Robinson I'm having second thoughts on spiritual gifts.

  • Ron Buford A Facebook intermediary connected me with Beverly, a dear college friend and symbol of so much of who I am – someone I'd not seen for more than 20 years.

  • Emily C. Heath I recently started lifting weights again after a several months long break.

  • Lillian Daniel Although many people don't know it, the famous expression "Pride goes before a fall" comes from the Bible. 

  • John A. Nelson What's it going to take, for you to accept the good news? 

Daily Devotional

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