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  • Mary Luti They didn't die in Maria's wind. They weren't swept away by waves. Lightening didn't shock them dead. They weren't ripped from life by falling trees and flying debris.

  • Vince Amlin My wife's doomsday plans always begin with the basement sinks.

  • Christina Villa One Sunday at a church I was visiting in New England, the time had come in the worship service for "Joys and Concerns."

  • Lillian Daniel At my own popularity peak, most of my friendships were not mutual but transactional, based on what I could do for other people.

  • John Edgerton King Amaziah had a stressful job.

  • Talitha Arnold "You can always pray," Khaled said as he drove from Amman to Petra. "Even if a person can't fast, do Hajj or give charity, they can always pray."

  • John Nelson One particular moment from math class — four decades ago, mind you — still remains vivid.

  • Tony Robinson Have you had a huge break-through? Has your church cast off paralyzing fears? Have you gotten clean and sober? A big victory at the ballot box? The job you always wanted?

  • Donna Schaper Who is in charge of great awakenings?

  • Quinn G. Caldwell Fifty-five years ago today transpired what, depending on your point of view, was either a heroic stand against the forces of social decay, or an appalling attempt to block the forces of progress.

Daily Devotional

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